Prep Paper

Posted: September 19, 2010 in Prep Papers

After looking at the reading by David Warlick,, the part that caught my eye was when he recounted a story about the author of a popular blog and whether it was legitimate information or merely a hoax. It made me think about how easy it would be to manipulate people using the internet because many people in our world today don’t second guess the information that’s presented to them, they accept it and move on. Sites like Wikipedia, great as they are for information gathering, are still susceptible to having people simply log in and change any information on any article they choose.

Kids today generally accept the information they find without question and often times the first place they search is Wikipedia or Google. Most of the time, the information they find is true and relevant, but they should learn to question the answers they come upon; double-check the facts against multiple places. I can’t say that I haven’t also done this, but it seems as though teachers haven’t exactly hammered the point that you can’t trust everything you hear and I believe that it should be talked about more.

“They were seeking and discussing information about the information, rather than accepting the information” (Warlick). This quote was interesting to me because it seems like what the point of a blog is, defined in terms that average people will understand. So, will blogging lead to a better understanding of information presented to us?


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